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We gently and humanly remove your bees, and find them good homes in San Diego to maintain a healthy local bee population. Our prices range from $150 for the simplest removals to $1,000 for the most complicated. Estimates are free and advice is free. Thank you for saving and not killing, we need our bees.



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Honey, Magic Bee Salve and bee Balm for sale at our store. All products are made with honey.


Phone 858 – 750 – 5438


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Why they call them killer bees

This is happening right now. It is not old news. San Diego is almost as bad. You have to be very careful. This is why we save so many colonies and turn them into domestic bees, It is to dilute the gene pool, so accidents like this do not happen. Hikers are used to...

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The genius of the bee

just how smart are honeybees? Scientists already know they are some of the cleverest insects on earth, capable of recognizing landmarks and different colors — and even smells — for navigation. But it turns out that bee biologists are now discovering that the buzzing...

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