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We gently and humanly remove your bees, and find them good homes in San Diego to maintain a healthy local bee population. Our prices range from $150 for the simplest removals to $1,000 for the most complicated. Estimates are free and advice is free. Thank you for saving and not killing, we need our bees.



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Honey, Magic Bee Salve and bee Balm for sale at our store. All products are made with honey.


Phone 858 – 750 – 5438


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what is it like to be a bee?

Set your meetings, phone calls and emails aside, at least for the next several minutes. That’s because today you’re a bee. It's time to leave your hive, or your underground burrow, and forage for pollen. Pollen is the stuff that flowers use to reproduce. But it’s also...

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Why I think honey is vegan

Is honey vegan. ..................Here are the reasons I think honey and other bee products are vegan. Honey is basically flower nectar. All the bees do is gather it and dry out the excess water. Pollen is just gathered and stored in its original state. If being...

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Bees are dying, and you should care

In the same way as other individuals my age, my morning schedule comprises of awakening, really awakening, reviling presence, snatching some espresso and determining the status of the worldwide honey bee population. You can envision that my frightfulness this weekend...

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The Buzz On Bees

Sometimes you hear them before you see them. You may even be afraid of them. But the more you know about bees, the more you can appreciate these unique insects and how they provide us humans with much more than just honey! Bees may be black, brown, or banded with...

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